Saturday, June 19, 2010

A special guest ~

We are having a visitor this week, JJ is coming to stay with us while his 2 brothers and mom go to camp together and his daddy works. JJ is coming some time today, and stay through Thursday/Friday. I hope to entertain him with things that boys like to do, its been awhile since Kaeleb was here when I would play with him. Although JJ is older than Kaeleb, I still want him to have a good time while he is here. So plans are to go see Toy Story 3, swim a lot, and find some other things..... Leave a comment if you have any inexpensive ideas of what we could do????? Have a great weekend!


Erica said...

Well you can play at the park:) boys love to get dirty maybe spinkler on the trampoline lol

Jodi said...

JJ looks like a sweetie and looks like he is having a great time with Emily! I love your new blog design! I love the purple!

Boys will be boys - give him a ball and he'll be happy! Boys are easy to entertain! Maybe let him help you bake some cookies - boys love to eat! :)

Have a great time this week and next! Will be praying for all of you!!!