Monday, September 28, 2009


Ok no doubt in my mind...... OU wins! But, I had a opportunity to travel with the Ringwood FCA to FCA gameday at OSU. We were able to see a football game, have a FCA rally and hang with other students within our school who share the same beliefs! It was a lot of fun, even though we were at a OSU football game. Lots of orange all around us, with a few crimson and cream shirts mixed within ~ Brave souls! The final score was 56 ~ 6, of course OSU favor. Makes for not much excitement but lots of touchdowns! The other team was Grambling State, known for being "The Best Band in the Land". They really put on a show! Anyways..... I may be an die hard OU fan, but I must say WTG OSU!
Ashley and SC at the football game!
"Bullet" the horse, rides after a touchdown!
"Grambling Band"
"Grambling Band" ~ A tribute to Micheal Jackson.

Monday, September 21, 2009


I'm so excited to share my fundraiser idea. Many months ago I had seen a very cool necklace that inspired me to start a fundraiser. With the help of CJ and LW I was able to start "More Precious Than Gold" last week. Thank you so much to the both of you, for your help and encouragement and support. After many hours of looking at beads and putting them together, I have been inspired by 8 necklaces. I have started with ~
Emily ~ an Asian design with an American flare
Ladybug ~ red, black with a white accent
Ocean Mist ~ ocean colors with a silver accent
Nature Inspired ~ green and brown
Safari ~ many pottery colors
Licorice Groove ~ black and white with a flare
Pretty in Pastel ~ pastel green, blue and pink
Iced Mocha ~ 3 shades of brown
I am very excited to share them with you. 100% of the profit goes to help us bring our "More Precious Than Gold ~ Emily" home. We hope you enjoy the necklaces and I thank you for helping bring Emily home.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Good Evening all!
I must share with you whats on my heart. I am overjoyed, overwhelmed, and over filled with Gods love. I have been preparing my heart for a Bible Study that God laid upon my heart many months ago. As we embark upon a journey through they fruits of the spirit tomorrow, I must share that I am really excited and scared at the same time. I so want to please God in all I do, and I know I can do this and will do this, but Satan is attacking me in all areas of my life. I must focus on Him and all He is going to do for me during this Bible Study. Tomorrow evening I, along with many other ladies, will begin a Bible Study entitled "Living Among Ourselves" (a study on the fruits of the spirits). This study is done by Beth Moore and I so LOVE her work and how God has used her to do big and mighty things. My prayer is that I will be open to Gods words and teachings. I think in my mind that I know the fruits of the spirit that I MUST work on, but I want to open to God and honest to myself with the ones that I felt were ok or better than ok. Lord, please speak to me about all the fruits of the spirit and let me focus on your will not mine. Thanks for listening to me, and letting me record my thoughts! May you all be blessed and remember to put God first in all you do and have. Love you all!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Our Sweet Emily~

What a blessing to be woke up at 1:30 in the morning...... No really it is when I hear "April are you awake?" I was thinking what and why? He said it again and I responded..... He then said "Get up we got pictures!" Well you can imagine that I was up and out of that bed in nothing flat!!!!! We have been waiting for these pictures for a long time, but the wait is over and so worth it! Emily's birthday was August 29th and we sent her a cake to help her celebrate and hopefully get some pictures. Well that prayer/wish came true. What a blessing to have organizations, like Ladybugs~n~love, serve adoptive families. They are truly a God sent gift to so many families that are waiting to hold their precious children. Thank you so much Ladybugs~n~love! Now for what you all have been waiting for ~ especially me and my family ~ God is so good to us, even though we don't deserve His love, mercy, or gifts. He still gives them to us, because He loves us so much. Thank you God for all the blessings you have given to us, individually and as a family. We are truly blessed. Now here is my sweet little girl ~ Emily!

She is a true "Mueller", she seems to love cake!
Happy Birthday Emily!
Mommy, Daddy, Ashley and Kaylee love you very much!

Stay Tuned!

I promise that I am still working on a video with my girls talent on it. I am having trouble uploading it onto the computer.... Please bare with me, and I WILL get it!!!!! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fair Week

We are enjoying the fair week so far. We have an event each night through Saturday night. Monday was bingo, and last night was the pageant? Both girls were in it and I will post more about it later. I am working on the video of Ashley's talent. I will tell you that Kaylee is Miss Cinderella 2009 and Ashley received Personality Plus and 1st runner up. I am so proud of both of my girls, they make me smile and my heart swells with love for both of them. They both did so well last night and well did all the girls. Congrats to all the winners. I must give a very special THANK YOU to Brian for all the hard work you put into "Popular". We are all very appreciative...... :) Also I must thank AF, Tina, LP and KR for all the support and help they gave me and my girls as well, I would have never made it with out them. Tonight was fellowship where we ate fried chicken and had live entertainment. I sang with two other ladies tonight. It is so much fun hanging with everyone as one body of Christ. Looking forward to the rest of the week! Keep checking for pics and a video of my two beautiful daughters......

PS..... No pictures of Emily yet, still patiently (at least trying to) waiting!