Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Connie is doing well

If you can help your neighbor now don't say,
"Come back tomorrow, and then I'll help you"
Proverbs 3:28

I have heard from Connie and she is doing well!!!! Please continue to pray for Tami, Abraham, Connie, Clayton and her family. It wont be long and she will be home, it seems so weird because I usually have talked to her by way of Skype and this time I have had contact only by way of email. Please check out Connie's Blog, and leave her a special message of pray or encouragement.

Highlights 2 and 3 from Fall Break

Hello to all!!!!

I have the pictures to share the 2 other highlights from Fall Break. We had a wonderful time with the "F" family that we traveled with. We went to two shows and shopped until we dropped on Saturday. We both spent more money then we probably intended, but we had fun doing it. Branson is well known for the shows and shopping, we had to experience Branson to its fullest..... ha ha

Anyways let me share with you the main reason we went to Branson. NOAH....... The Sight and Sound Theater presented Noah the Musical. This would be our second time in 4 months to go. It is a wonderful show and worth going twice, in fact I would go again if asked. ( I would love to take my church and have already asked my mom when we could go and share it with her) Noah the musical of course is about the story of Noah and his family, with some non biblical story lines added but still capture the time and how the people were acting. The acting is superb, and the props are unbelievable, very real looking, and the theater is gorgeous...... But the story and the truths are taken right from Genesis, and they capture your heart from the beginning. I highly recommend Noah to all, if there is any way you can get to Branson to see this incredible show....... GO, don't wait any longer. This is the first and most important from our Branson trip, but I do have one more to share!!!

Our children in front of the "Lion and the Lamb"

The Sight and Sound Theater

"Jesus and the Children"

The second thing that was really cool....... For all those who watch "American Idol", we were served by Jason Yeager at the Hard Luck Diner in Branson. Very Cool.... We were able to ask questions and chat about whatever, because we were his only table for awhile. He teased us, as a good waiter would, and served us as a good waiter would. He was very confused, thinking that Mikala and I are related, but I took it as a complement, she may not have..... lol We took pictures and he signed our CD, and we also found out that he has family living in Garber OK, and visits from time to time. We are big fans of Hard Luck Diner, the waiters, and waitress sing and serve. The talent is great and the food is just as good. We had fun and enjoyed ourselves at the restaurant, and I always look forward to going back.

Jason Yeager singing at Hard Luck Diner

Ashley, Mikala, Jason, Me, Austin, Chezni, and Kaylee

Monday, October 27, 2008

Mark Schultz makes an apperance

For all who do not know..... The Muellers love Mark Schultz! He was on Extreme Makeover Home Edition last night (Oct 26th, 08) singing his well known song "He's My Son". The family's son has suffered through lukemia and a lung transplant and WON!!!! The daughter of the family loves Christian music and her favorite Christian artist is Mark Shultz. On the show he sang the song at the hospital where the son had recovered, and he sang it to many children and thier families. God is good, so many were touched by the song, and many, many, many heard it. Let the Lord use this moment to bring Him Glory. Praise you Lord! I hope many of you seen it!

PS. One of our Youth had a great report today as well. God is still in the business of Miracles!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Thank You Fairview!!!!!

Wow what an honor it was to speak about China to the Fairview School. The class made me feel very welcomed. I went really well and I enjoyed the excitement from all the kids. The kids really enjoyed the Chinese words I taught them and had a hard time understand the money exchange rate, but had lots of questions about it. They were very excited about the 1 yuan I gave them, and wrote down all the Chinese words. The teacher said she will be repeating those words for days to come. The children were fascinated by the Great Wall of China and the 2008 Olympic buildings. Very sweet class and it was a blessing to share my journey to China once again, and to top it off to see that journey through the eyes of children....... priceless.

Still working on paperwork......... Please pray for David, medical issues!

Thanks to all who check in with me everyday and the support and prayers I fell within my heart!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Children, Teachers, and Me.... Oh My

Wow I am very excited and scared at the same time today. I have an opportunity to speak about China at a near by school. I will be speaking to a 3rd grade class all about the culture of China. I get to share my pictures with some more people..... woo hoo. I am also going to teach them some Chinese words and share with each of them a piece of Yuan to take home with them. I have pictures of cities, homes, food, flowers, animals, transportation and the most important, Great Wall of China, Temple of Heaven, and the Summer Palace. I have about 30 minutes to speak and with all the information I have and the way I love to talk I may need an hour! If you read this by 2:30 today please pray for my timing.

Oh yea, Connie is in China safe and sound!!!!! Please pray for her journey and her family here in the states. I know exactly the emotions she is going through, but she is also in for a ride of wonderful emotions as well. Connie we love and can't wait to see you back in Oklahoma, but for now enjoy the moments, smiles, hugs, being there for Tami, and anticipation of coming home.......

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Highlights of Fall Break

My family and another family went to Branson, and had a wonderful time. I will post on that as soon as I can get my hands on the pictures...... :)

Now for the ending of Fall Break! My mom and I had an opportunity to share some time together and enjoy a concert....... Yes we did, we went to Neil Diamond concert and had a wonderful time. Not many people know but Neil Diamond reminds my mom and I of a very important event in my moms life. The concert did bring back some memories of that event, but they were all good memories. I must say that Neil Diamond rocked the house down. Much to my surprise, it was very loud. Let me share another detail....... My mom and I were the minority on age groups. We were the younger generation. There were many couples of the ages of 70 ~ 80. Lots of walkers, canes and wheelchairs.... Many of you think I am joking, but I AM NOT......... It was a great concert and my mom and I enjoyed ourselves very much, reminiscing, laughing, deep conversations, and just sharing time, and reminding each other how much we love one another.
Thanks mom for a great night......
Niel Diamond...... Rocking out
The stage, equipped with a 14 man band!

My Mom and I at the concert

Look closely that is the stage behind us...... :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Must of had a hard night.......

Ashley and the basketball team had a lock in last night at the gym. Ashley being the team manager was able to participate in the fun. Her and K was in charge of keeping score and calling play by play. She said it was so much fun, and I think that it is a great team builder. With the decision of not playing basketball this year, came the decision of being an assistance to the coach. She took the responsibilities with great pride and as far as her mom's point of view, I think she is doing a great job. She really wanted to be part of the team, and still very much feels that way. Well I hope that all you had a great time and I ponder with the thought does your coaches and love seats look like mine?

I guess she was kinda tired........

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We Did It!

Ok we did it, we had an Oklahoma Hearts for Adoption event. We (Becky) had to speak at the last minute, but did a wonderful job. We had a lot of interest and one church book a Sunday for us to come speak at. How exciting, the Lord is paving the path for us! We also have a few contacts with some really big church's in Enid, so we pray that those will come through. It is so exciting that the Lord is allowing us to share with what He has placed on our hearts with SO MANY people. I always love sharing with people what the Lord has done, but who can imagine what it is like when He says "GO" and tell many! I am very excited about being a part of Bible Study titled "Biblical Perspective on Adoption". Even though we are already in the adoption process, I feel this will help in so many ways with the people who ask questions that are sometimes hard to answer, (we know the answer's but don't know how to explain it all the times) and this will help me put it in a perspective from God's point of view.

What a wonderful day, reminder to all:

"This is the day that the Lord has made let us rejoice in be glad in it"

Monday, October 13, 2008

Maybe busy weekends affect the Children too?

Ok I know that we had a very busy weekend, but little did I know that the Johnson kids would be affected so hard by all the running around. Wow you know they were really tired, if they feel asleep during lunch..........

They were transferred to my room and slept until we had to leave for Dr. appt. We established our family at a new Dr and I am very excited about it. We were so sick of waiting around for 3 hours to see our Dr. for about 5 minutes. Another plus is that the nurse is an adoptive parent also, so we already have a connection with her. We also had our first TB test. I know that I am a wimp but I was surprised on how much that little needle hurt. I wrote my autobiography today and who would have thought that it would be so hard to write your story down. It took all morning and most of the afternoon. Our agency sure does ask a lot of questions about my past. Questions I had never ever thought of before. Go figure!!!!!

Now that's really tired............

Oh My 2 Teenagers, Whats a mom to do!

Kaylee's 13th Birthday Party!!! Smile Big

Kaylee and Kenzie ~ Best Friends

A Future Hollywood Star

Kaylee and Jessica ~ How Precious

On Sunday afternoon we celebrated Kaylee's 13th Birthday........ Lord help me raise two teenagers. We had a wonderful party, with many family and friends joining us in the celebration. We want to thank B and D for the ribs and Grandma S for the wonderful baked beans, Papa T for the smoked sausage and Mema and Pappa for the homemade ice cream. A meal fit for a princess. She was very excited to have her party on her actual day, because at one point I was thinking "absolutely not", but I am glad that we did. Thank you to all who came and for the wonderful gifts, Kaylee is very appreciative! My precious baby is no longer a baby anymore, what is a mom to do? On another note though, I thank my Lord everyday for my two precious girls, and how they are walking with Him each and every day, and learning how to be Christ like and applying that to there everyday lives. I want to thank all those around us that have helped David and I raise our girls to be the mature young ladies they are now. Praise You Lord!

On another note, the Oklahoma Hearts for Adoption garage sale went very well. We brought enough in for a grant and then some. Our God is faithful. We had so much wonderful stuff and sold alot of it, but still had some to store for another garage sale in the future. Our God has blessed this organization so much that I am in awe sometimes. We as an organization are speaking tomorrow at a meeting for all surrounding pastors. Please pray that we will be able to present what God has laid in our hearts and how we want to care for the fatherless. Until next time have a wonderful day and listen to God, you don't want to miss anything He is telling you.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

As everyone knows this girl (me) likes to be busy, and yet this weekend is going to be a very busy one. I am so excited about all the events and yet I wonder how I will get it all done. Starting tomorrow we (oklahoma hearts for adoption) will be working on a Garage Sale. Setting up, organizing, and pricing. The garage sale is Friday and Saturday. My prayer is that God will use this event to bless many families who are adopting, in that we as an organization will be able to help financial. Then add a 5th Quarter and a football game to Friday night. Then to much excitement we as a youth group are going to the Corn Maize on Saturday afternoon. Just when you think all is over, my youngest daughter is turning 13 on Sunday. To her request we are having the birthday party on Sunday afternoon. Wow, that's busy!!!!! I like my life that way though, never have been one that likes to sit at home.

I also want to start paperwork sometime today.......... Please pray that will happen.

Congratulations......... Frable Family! She is precious!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Look Who's 16!!!

Oh my goodness, what a weekend. My oldest daughter turned 16 and we had a wonderful celebration to mark the event. Alot of planning, decorating, panic, worrying, and thinking "Wow where did the time go?" Ashley is a very wonderful daughter and loved so much by all of us. I am so proud of her and the way she lives her life every day for the Lord, making decisions that effect her
future in a positive way.

We had a wonderful party, for all those wondering "No she did not get a car", but she had a very special surprise awaiting her at the party. We, Dad and I, wanted to make it special for her so we searched and searched for a special gift to make it memorable. Thanks to a dear friend, we were given the idea of a Chocolate Fountain.

It was a huge hit. She was so surprised and we had very little chocolate left. Thank you to all who came to support Ashley in her big day, it was very nice to be able to share her special day with so many family and friends. On another note, I am really glad the stress of the party is gone. I have to close with this, Erica and Devera Thank You for everything you did and the way you helped. It would not have been successful with out you both. You made it so much easier on me and less stress is always a plus........ I love you both, thanks again!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Great News Await!!!!

Hello to all,

I want to thank you for following my blog and checking it all the time even though there was nothing here. Well that is going to change, because big things have happen within the Mueller family. I would like to share what has been going on in the last past few months.

As most of you know I went to Falls Creek the last week of June, and the Lord spoke to me about China once more. My husband was there with me and there was many things going on between him and I that needed to be fixed and had to be taken care of. Because of that I was a little worried to bring up China again, for fear of him really getting mad at me. With the power of the Lord I faced those fears and talked to him about adoption and we really discussed where and what we were suppose to do. He was really not on board as usual, but I asked him to pray consistently about adoption and I would wait to hear from him. Waiting is really not my style, but the Lord granted me that gift and I was somewhat quiet....... My oldest daughter was not completely on board either, for she is very structured and afraid of change. Kaylee on the other hand was ready to fill out an application immediately. With many days of prayer my husband told me that he was feeling led to pursue a special little girl, one you all might remember

She was all of the sudden back in our lives, for the fact of an incredible story. She had been referred to a very special woman in Florida for reasons of her own, had declined her. She was born very premature and had some medical issues that were current. The special lady in Florida had to make the very difficult decision and followed her heart. She had been in contact with Connie and she had shared the news with us the day after we got back from Falls Creek. This is where our story picks up by David saying I feel we should pursue a special little girl. My heart sunk and thought Oh my this is why I went to China, this is why I held her, this is our little girl. With the ladies help in Florida we had more information than what was needed. Bless you S, we found out her name is Hai Lun Xin Qing and she was born on April 7, 2007. We began the process of trying to find her and where her file was. We contacted an agency who helped us to take the next steps, after many phone calls we found her agency that she was at one time listed with. Contacting them was so exciting, and yet I was very scared of the outcome of the phone call. The agency proceeded to tell us that they did not have that file and appeared to never have had that file. I contacted my friend in a panic and said what do we do? She did her best detective work and called me back and said this is the agency call them back and ask for Non Special Needs. I did and sure enough we found it and I was speaking to a wonderful lady, we will call her "B". "B" was so touched by our story and how I had held her that she was going to do anything and everything to help us. She had their agency contact person in China go to the CCAA and request her file to be put on the Special Needs List. "B" than asked me to write a letter to the CCAA requesting her and expressing our love and how we could help her. I hate to write letters, I know what you are thinking REALLY, but I mustered up all the words, thoughts, requirements, and love and wrote the letter. It was sent to CCAA and the waiting process began. We waited and waited.......... Meanwhile "B" said nothing was in stone about receiving this little girl, but if we thought we would adopt anyways we should send our application to the agency to began the process. I talked to David and he told me then, "If we don't get Hai Lun I do not feel we are to adopt" in other words he felt it was her, and if not than we were not to go on. The waiting continued, and then we received a very special gift from Heidi. She was in China and visited the same orphanage that we did, and she was able to take pictures of Hai Lun and send them to us. We were so excited about the pictures, and all the incredible things the Lord had done up to this point.

I thought we really need to send our application in because I really felt the Lord leading me to do this and I was hoping that David would pray or fell the same at this point. I talked to him one special evening and he said he agreed and the next night the application was filled out and in the mail. We were not sure where this was going to take us but "B" said it was a step in the right direction. We were so excited and awaited for the Lord to work. Much to our surprise He did not work in the way we thought He would, but Oh did He work. Two days after sending our application in, on a Friday, we received a phone call from "B" and she started the phone call with "I don't have great news", she proceeded to tell us that the CCAA had requested a medical exam and Hai Lun was very healthy and they had decided to put her on the Non Special Needs list, shortly after those words I was brought to my knees and began to weep. I was crying so hard I don't even think I got the words "good bye" out. As the news sank in I began to get very angry with the Lord, asking Him "why" and telling Him I don't understand why we did all of this and Hai Lun is not ours. My husband and girls took it pretty hard, and we were not sure what to do next. We were already planning on leaving for the weekend for a get away trip, we stuck with our plans. I was hoping as the mom to talk about what had happen and what were to do next. My girls were ok with what ever the outcome was, but I could not get David to talk or change his idea of adoption (that idea being Hai Lun or nothing). My anger with the Lord slowly went away, and the devil was quick to move it to David, because I became very angry with him in the fact that he would not talk, pray, or even think about moving forward. A few days after the news I told my husband how I was feeling and the every emotion that came with those feelings. He said that he would pray about it, but he was really not feeling led in that direction. He began to pray on a Tuesday and things moved quickly. He asked a couple questions Tuesday night, and I knew not to over react to those questions but I also knew that the Lord was speaking to him in some way and he was acting on it. Although I was mourning, over Hai Lun, what seemed to be a lost to me, I was also wanting to adopt another special little girl. This one being the little girl that the Lord had placed in our family already. For He knows the plans for us (Jeremiah 29:11) Wednesday night my husband had asked me many times "What do you want for your birthday?" I would say "I don't know", he asked many many times through out the evening. Before we went to bed, he disappeared and I found him in Ashley's room with the door shut. I thought (selfish, I know) that they were talking about my birthday plans. So I went to bed........ David came in and was surprised I was already in bed and was worried that I had listened to the conversation between him and Ashley. With that worry from David, it confirmed my thoughts of birthday plans. He asked me what they were talking about, and I told him that I really did not listen. He asked me to guess, and I said "Birthday", he said "NO". I was talking to Ashley about her true feelings on adoption. I asked if he could share and he told me that she was on board and that she was afraid of change but she knew that it would be ok and that it would be really cool. He then asked me one more time, "What would you like for your birthday?", I answered the same way once again. "I don't know" with tears in his eyes he said "How about a 'YES'". I was a little confused but I asked "What do you mean?" He said "Do you want to be a mommy again, my heart has been changed and I feel we should go to China and adopt". David story is quite incredible, and I will post his version of his transformation. I could not believe it, after 2 years of adoption on my heart, and waiting on the Lords timing, we were finally here. WE ARE ADOPTING!!!!!!! I can't believe it, our application has been approved and we will be starting our Home Study soon. Who would have thought that in a year and a half I will be in China twice, both an experience that will be incredible and a gift for God that will be cherished forever. Another gift we received from the Lord is Hai Lun has been referred and accepted from a very special mom and dad in Spain, and they have a very special story themselves. Praise the Lord that she is healthy and has her forever family too.

I end my testimony with this, there is a movie that ends with these lines "What is impossible with my God" and the team answers with "nothing Coach". So believers "What is impossible with my God" I answer "Nothing"!!!! Two years of waiting and my husband heart has been changed forever, and we will soon be a family of 5. Lord I thank you for the process, the things you have shown us, taught us, how we learned to lean on you more than ever before, the miracles, and confirming in us the power of pray. Your grace is sufficient and your love amazes me each and every day. Lord, I cant wait to see what you are going to do with the Mueller family and how we will see your work in our lives and learn more about you.

"Be completely humble and gentle: be patient, bearing with one another in love"

Ephesians 4:2