Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

"Every time I think of you, I give
thanks to my God"
Philippians 1:3
I give thanks to my God for:
Jesus ~ My Salvation
My Godly Husband
My Beautiful Daughters
My Daughter in China
My Parents and In~Laws
My Brother, Brother In~Law and their family
My Aunts and Uncles, Cousins, and their families.
My Friends who I consider Family
My Church Family
My Youth Group
May you all have a blessed Thanksgiving, and give Thanks to the One and Only ~ Jesus, for all He has done for you this past year and then share with someone!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Yes Lord, I am listening.

"You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you"
Isaiah 26:3

Hello to all,

I wanted to share an incredible way the Lord got hold 0f my attention. While shopping ~ see he could use shopping ~ I had found a necklace that was beautiful and had a encouraging way to live life. While I really wanted to get the necklace I was thinking the whole time, " I really don't need another one". I put it down at least 3 times. Went back the fourth time and purchased the necklace.

Now this is when I realized that my life was not reflecting what the necklace had said. Although I felt the necklace was a perfect way to wrap up all the emotions, feeling, waits, doubts, and excitement we were feeling about the adoption process to our precious little girl. There was one part of the necklace that I did not feel that I was giving all of myself to the Lord. The necklace said " The journey of Faith is a journey of Love" I really did feel that this necklace said it perfect, It was a journey of Love, but I don't think that I was putting all myself into the Faith that it needed. So here I am Lord, saying my Faith is full and I am ready to show you and all those around me that I must trust in the Faith I have building on it every moment of every day. So as I where the necklace I will remember that I have put all of myself into the trust and faith for this incredible journey of LOVE......

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

God's Timing is Perfect

Those who wait on the Lord will find new strength. They will fly high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.
Isaiah 40:31

As some may know, I was having my own pitty party within my heart the last past few days. Was trying to keep it within my heart, for I knew it is was selfish and should not be acted on. The Hamm's and Johnson's were having part of their home study done yesterday, and because of certain hold ups we were not being able to do this. I hope that Connie and Tina can say that I was happy for them for I tried my best to show that to them because I was happy for them just dissappointed for us that we were not in that part of the process.

Now for awesome updates......

David was able to talk to the nurse we have been working with, and much to our surprise (Gods timing) she had results for him. She told him some information about the test we have been waiting on and all in all it is very good news. He may have to take medications for about 2 months, but this would be the extent of the treatment. I have talked to our adoption agency and I am waiting to hear if we can continue to move on in spite of the results. Please pray that this is our future. Also much to our surprise (again God's timing) we were able to have our 1st home visit toward our home study. We did not expect it but yesterday afternoon, Dillon contacted us and asked if she could meet with us briefly, and despite basketball games and the fact that we had alreday left for those games, we had our first visit. It was short, but I have met her and her me, and she has seen the house. God is so good, and we MUST rest in his timing, for He knows the best timing for the Muellers and we must trust in that. I praise Him for He knew my sturggles yesterday and even though I thought I was being very selfish He honored us with a visit from Dillon and know we will wait on His timing for the exact moment when Karla will call back.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Encore, Encore, Encore~

Kaylee and Pastor Brian

"Johns Revelation" & two special guest

As a proud mom, I must brag on my children for a bit....... Last Thursday our school had a Charity Concert to supply needs to our community and entertain the audience. Kaylee performed "Grace" by Laura Story and was accompanied by Brian (our pastor). She did a wonderful job and I must add that Brian is a wonderful and amazing piano player. Kaylee voice matched this song so beautiful and she sang it beautiful. Ashley and John's Revelation (which is she part of) the band from our Youth Group performed "Get Down" by Audio Adrenaline. She did a great job, it is a very fast song and she did not miss a beat, and sang it beautiful as well. The band sounded wonderful, I am so proud of all them, the time and effort they have put into the band. Ashley also had some very special dancers to do the motions for the song..... Great job girls. So many of our church family and youth group was singing and dancing for our enjoyment. It is such a blessing for all of them to Honor God, in the ways they did. Way to Go to all of you!

The Band perfroming "Get Down"

Kaylee performing "Grace"

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Announcing a short-term fundraiser for the Mueller, Johnson, Hamm families, adopting from China! We will take orders until November 23rd for beautiful, nursery quality, display ready, red, 5-7 bloom poinsettias in a 6.5" hooded pot. They are only $18! To place your order or get more info, please call me. I'm sorry we can't ship them, but we will deliver locally, or you can pick them up at our place. Blessings!

Ready.. Set....... WAIT!

"These things I plans won't happen right away. Slowly, steadily, surely, the time approaches when the vision will be fulfilled. If it seems slow, wait patiently, for it will surely take place. It will not be delayed."
Habakkuk 2:3

Let the waiting begin..... I have always thought that I would understand the waiting period with in the process of adoption. Yet I feel that we are suppose to be waiting, but it is hard to see the other families around us who are adopting moving through the process at a slow but steady pace. We on the other hand are at a complete stand still except of some reading (which I was never a fan of to begin with). We are waiting on test results to be returned to Enid. Everything else is ready to go. We have not had a interview with our agency, for reasons of the test results. I feel like we are getting no where, and yet I feel we are exactly where we are suppose to be. I really want to be in God's timing and do that I have to except what He puts in front of me. I do know that waiting could bring wonderful things..... like my girls being able to go to China with us when we travel, of course I know waiting means that we are not in the place of time to receive our daughter who God has given to us. I know that I must be patient with Him for He knows best and the plans He has made for me. This means I must trust and have faith in Him. This is something I am getting stronger and stronger in, and know that it will be ongoing even after the adoption. I believe we are always building our trust and faith in our Lord each and every day.

Another test of patience....

I have tried to be very patient with issue of my dining room table in my kitchen. It has fallen apart little be little of the past few months. We were down to two chairs, that really could break at any moment, and the fact that it is at least 12 years old was not a strike for it. Well yesterday much to my excitement, we were faced with more waiting. We purchased a table at Wal Mart and to my patience was added two bar stools that matched. Came home to assemble and when we pulled out the tabletop we was faced with a extremely warped top. Now we are waiting for Wal Mart to get back in stock the table. The good news is they told me we did not have to disassemble the table we could just bring in the top. Hopefully it will be in tomorrow, but if not I am up to the waiting...... :)

Kaylee helping her dad put together the table....

Soon to be a bar stool

And more waiting.

Kaeleb and Kayden apparently could not wait for nap time today...... Lunch just was not as important!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Spontaneous pays off!!!!!

Ok for any one who has ever wanted to take off at the spur of the moment...... I say "do it" don't hold back, go for it! Rita and I took off on Tuesday morning and headed to Branson. We went for many different reasons, business, fun, get away, spend time together and a little shopping. Who goes to Branson with out shopping. We left on Tuesday and was back last night around 7:00. By family managed with out me and Rita's husband said he figured we would stay longer, but I think secretly hoping we wouldn't. We did have some business to tend to and also had some fun waiting for us..... Once again, (not complaining on my part) we went to Noah the Musical. I was so excited to be there once again and sharing with her. Truly I would like to sit though it over and over just so I can be with everyone as they see it for the first time. I really makes me understand why my pastor called me the very next day after we had seen it for the first time. We did a little shopping at the Branson landing and had lunch at my favorite restaurant of all. Every time I go to Branson, I have to eat at Mel's Hard Luck Diner, they have wonderful fool and great entertainment. Apparently even American Idol thinks they have great entertainment, because two of the waiter's have been on American Idol and one of them, Jason Yeager, made it to the top 10 guys. We had lunch with another couple at the Hard Luck Diner because it was very busy with 3 buses there, so Rita invited another couple to join us, much to our surprise he was a Baptist pastor and they both loved American Idol and eat at the Hard Luck every time they come too. We had a very nice lunch with them and God was so good to us during our trip. He granted us safety and laughs, wonderful experience at the Noah show and business was good too.

"Jason Yeager and Me"

Rita and I on the trolley at the Brason Landing

Also much to our surprise the Branson area was preparing for Christmas. We were able to go through the Parade of Lights on Saturday night. It took us about 30 to 40 minutes to go through. I must tell you that I was only driving 10 miles an hour and with no lights. I was driving Rita's car so I was very careful because I could not see the road. It was a very nice display of lights, and we had fun getting all the pictures, playing with our cameras to see what took the best photo. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Well God is good, it was very much enjoyed by both of us and we hope we can do it some time soon. We very much felt that God was with us the whole time and brought us home safe and sound. We must not end this blog with out giving a BIG thank you to my mom for letting us use her condo..... Mom, thank you and I love you!

"Where two or three gather together

because they are mine,

I am there among them"

Matthew 18:20