Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Emily!

Today is Emily's 2nd birthday!!! We are all very excited, and Emily as well, that can be the only reason she got up at 7:30.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart
We hope today is very special for you!

Eating breakfast on my birthday morning!

Did you say party later mommy??????

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

6 Months Home ~ From Now to Then

Emily at 6 mths of age ~ Our Referral Picture

Emily at 14 mths of age ~ a few months before we went to get her

Our First Meeting ~ She was such a good baby!

Home for 2 months ~ Look at the difference

Home for 5 1/2 months ~ She is always this happy!!!

Our little monkey ~ Right before her lip surgery

Right after her lip surgery ~ look how beautiful she is!

Her new face is appearing right before our eyes :)
This picture was taken 2 days after surgery

And now Emily is back :) ~ This picture was taken 3 days after surgery

Tomorrow we go and see Dr Smith for a check up!! I am very excited about what is to come. She should be able to take her arm braces off and the stent in her nose will be removed as well.... I am not sure which one I am most excited about. She has done amazing with the arm braces and they don't bother her one bit. I do think she wakes up earlier and is taking shorter naps because she is uncomfortable, but she always puts her arm out after bath time to put them back on! She is such a trooper, I'm so proud of her! God is so good to answer prayer ~ this week has not been as hard as I expected, only because of His grace though! Even during my pitty party's last week before surgery He still granted me grace afterwards! We are so undeserving of his love, and yet He gives it and gives abundantly! Amen!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our Sweet Emily did Great!!!! :)

Last night our precious Emily curled up in my arms and sucked her thumb ~ and today she is looking at me showing me her arms and saying Uh Oh........ Wanting me to take off the braces on her arms so she can suck her thumb today!!!! Surgery went extremely well, it took about 2 1/2 hours total, surgery and recovery. We then were sent to our room and and she is sleeping well but on and off. She is watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and zoning out every once in awhile. God is so good, he gave me unbelievable amount of peace this morning and I have done very well today! Thank you so much to all of you for your prayers, and those who came to the hospital!!! We love you all so much
Mommy and Emily right before the surgery!!!
Emily was in a great mood ~ & was acting like a monkey.
Right after surgery, and very much tired!
We are kinda ready to play, but it didn't last very long! She is still doing so good though
Kaylee reading Emily a book!!!

Cuddling with mommy!!! :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Not to much longer.....

Well tomorrow is a big day in the Mueller home...... Its a day we have dreaded and looked forward to all at the same time. Emily has her first surgery for her lip tomorrow at 9 am. I have broken down a few time ~ well many times ~ thinking about how things are going to change. I know this change will bring sadness and happiness as well. So here is a few thoughts that I have had about this surgery ~
Not to much longer...... she will be taking the last normal bath for awhile, we cant get her lip wet.
Not to much longer....... I will be watching her suck her thumb with her tongue waving over it and being able to see it. I will miss this so much.
Not to much longer........ she will be able to eat so much more!
Not to much longer...... she will not clean her nose out herself ~ I know gross, this is the one thing we will not miss at all!
Not to much longer...... we will be driving to OKC!
Not to much longer....... we will be preparing her for surgery.
Not to much longer........ we will be waiting in the waiting room for the Dr. to come out and tell us everything went very well.
Not to much longer....... I will be comforting my baby!
Not to much longer....... we will be seeing her new smile ~ but at the same time be missing the old smile!
Not to much longer...... we will be loving Emily's new face, and her personality that matches it!
Not to much longer........ the surgery will be over and this well all be a distant memory! :)
We are prepared for what is to come tomorrow ~ but please join us in prayer as we continue through the next few hours and days to come! Pray for bonding, comfort, a low level of pain, patience from me and daddy, quick recovery, and for Emily to be willing to wear the arm braces she will be in to keep her from touching her lip. :( Please feel free to call or text me anytime! If I don't answer I will call/text you back asap!!!

My new friends~

We had a picnic in Enid with all our new found friends!!! We then played in the splash pad located in the park! The kids had a blast ~ even some of the big ones! This time is very special to parents and the kids because we are able to talk to people who have been through the same process we have been through and the kids are surrounded by people that look just like them! I love to see them all play together and have so much fun!! It is just an enjoyable time, with friends, family and all with things in common!

Ashley didn't want to swim, but Emily was trying to convince her!!!

Emily, JJ and Kaylee playing in the splash pad!

Lets see how wet I can get my mommy!!!

Emily and her new bff!!!!

We clelebrate Freedom!

We celebrated our freedom at Grandma and Grandpa's house!!! We had dinner and I nice show in the backyard! Although the weather was not the greatest it made for a very cool evening! Ashley, Kaylee and Kuyler lit all our fireworks and put on a great show! Although this was the day after Falls Creek, we had a wonderful time and stayed awake! Emily seemed to like the fireworks, she was not scared of them, but we had a hard time keeping her attention! I love spending 4th of July with my family and look forward to the tradition to continue!! We love you Grandma Sue and Papa and Grandma Illene!!!!

Daddy and his baby girl!!!

Emily and her mommy, watching fireworks!

Kaylee helping with the fireworks!

Grandma Sue and Emily ~ she loves her Grandma Sue!

Not sure if Emily is showing her Grandma Illene how to set in the chair, but it was cute!

Ashley and Kuyler ~ this was close to their 4 year anniversary of being friends and eventually dating!!! We love you Kuyler!

Falls Creek 2010

Another fantastic week at Falls Creek ~ We had a wonderful bunch of students that were well behaved, excited to be there and very obedient to all the rules!!! We strive to not make Falls Creek all about the rules, but when our student abide by them it makes it so much easier for us sponsors. This year we were joined by another church in our community, and what a blessing it was to be one body of Christ and not two different denominations. God is good! All the time! Kaylee surrendered to Missions ~ starting at her school! Ashley committed to Christ that she would talk to her friends and really be that friend who loved Christ always and wherever she was! They both have upheld that promise and commentment and are excited about sharing with others..... :) This year I took Emily, and although that did pose some issues through the week, I was very pleased with the outcome. Emily did wonderful, sleeping all night and loved hanging out with the girls!!!!! I myself enjoyed having her there, it was just a challenge and difficult sometimes to not be able to do everything I was able to do in the past years!!! God really spoke to me about Faith, and how I have lacked it in the past few weeks, in the small things! Things are much better, and I'm still learning! Thank you God for meeting us there, but most of all for not leaving us when we leave Falls Creek! You are always with us to the end!

Ashley and some of her closest friends!

Kaylee and two of her best friends!

Me and the gang ~ we will be friends forever and always!

Emily ~ the newest member of the band!!!! :)

Our Youth group playing the newest sensations ~ NINJA ASSASSIN

Our speakers for the week ~ The Skit Guys!

The did a wonderful job, and really spoke to all of us!

Myself with a few of the other Sponsors! I'm sure we are talking serious stuff

Falls Creek is just not the same with out Kayla, although she didn't get to go as a sponsor she came up and visited us for an evening!!!!

Emily enjoying the high chair time ~ because it meant that yummy food that our cooks cooked for us!!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Woo Hoo~

I'm am packed and Emily and I are headed to Falls Creek tomorrow morning. I still fell like God is teaching me something, so please pray for me and my focus! I am excited that I am going, but am still praying for a good week, and that Emily does well. I am excited about the bonding time between her and Kinley!!!

Update on Emily~ took her to Urgent Care, and the Dr said she is fine and no illness in sight. So he released us to go, still confused at why she has a fever. So long story short we are off to Falls Creek tomorrow and are very excited!!!!

Sending love to all of you and thank you for your prayers!!!

My heart is broken ~

My heart is hurting so bad for my sweet Emily. We are a little confused because she is running a fever but we don't know whats wrong. We thought maybe she had Hand Foot and Mouth but there is no sores, we are also wondering if its Strep Throat, but we cant see her throat (that's an impossible task... lol). She scared me on Friday ~ she had a seizure while shopping in the city. After a ride in the ambulance to Children's OU, she was diagnosed with Fibril Seizures (which is a seizure that happens when your fever spikes suddenly). So scary to watch, and I felt helpless but had help from the store we were at immediately and the ambulance was quick. So with a spiking fever and an ongoing temp since Friday ~ we are very unsure what is happening. We cant get into our Dr's until Monday, but I'm thinking about taking her to Urgent Care today when they open.
My heart is hurting for Falls Creek as well ~ Our Youth group leaves tomorrow for Falls Creek and I'm unsure if I will be attending. I feel like I'm being tested, but I'm not sure why I'm being tested. I want to pass this trial, but I feel so sad, confused, heart broken for Emily, and upset that I could miss Falls Creek with my girls, Youth Group and great Sponsors!!! Please pray for Emily and myself ~ for an open mind and heart to what God has in store for us this week!!! Thank you to everyone who knew and have been praying.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Fun ~

David and I was able to go enjoy some time together yesterday evening, and I must say that it is so nice to be able to have our girls watch her and know that she is very well taken care of. And can I just shout out to God for my wonderful husband who loves his wife and family soooo much! He is a Godly husband who is respected, loved my many, loves Jesus and does not hide that!

David and I went to see Karate Kid ~ and we were very much surprised, they did a great job at a remake that was so popular. I will say that there were many things that made us think of and miss China. I'm not going to plug the movie any more, but I highly recommend it & if you see let me know what you thought!!!!

Now while we were gone, the girls surprised Emily with some summer fun!! One of my girls favorite thing to do is play on the trampoline with the water hose and water balloons! So they took Emily out and had some fun ~ see for yourself.....
Wow, that water is cold.....
Ok so I'm starting to like this.....
Yea ~ this is fun and what are these??
Oh, now I know ~ Surprise
I think I have had enough of this.....

Although the last picture looked like she was done and not enjoying it ~ she had a blast!!!! Thanks big sisters, that was awesome!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A special guest ~

We are having a visitor this week, JJ is coming to stay with us while his 2 brothers and mom go to camp together and his daddy works. JJ is coming some time today, and stay through Thursday/Friday. I hope to entertain him with things that boys like to do, its been awhile since Kaeleb was here when I would play with him. Although JJ is older than Kaeleb, I still want him to have a good time while he is here. So plans are to go see Toy Story 3, swim a lot, and find some other things..... Leave a comment if you have any inexpensive ideas of what we could do????? Have a great weekend!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Simply Exhausted ~ but soooo worth it!

Last night we went to see Chris Tomlin and Tobymac together in concert with you Youth group!!! It was an incredible concert, the first hour and a half was all worship by Chris and the second hour and a half was a party!!! When I say party I mean it ~ Tobymac put on a great party for the Lord. All in all the night was a wonderful time of worship, fellowship, and being surrounded by thousands of people just loving Jesus! We did miss a special someone ~ she knows who she is!!!!

Update on Emily, she goes to the Dr. next Friday for an update on her tubes and she will have her hearing rechecked. We know that being "almost" 2 and not speaking all of our English language that she will ignore us, but we still feel sometimes that she is not hearing the best. She does respond but not to everything she should be hearing. This appointment will answer all those questions though!!! On the other hand, she is doing wonderful, loving life, and playing, dancing, singing, eating, just being a kid who lives in the moment!!!!! :)

We are busy with summer activities and just taking it day by day! Some days we are wiped out, and other days we just want to be on the go! We never know what the day holds for us, but we embrace it! We are looking forward to Falls Creek in just a little over a week. We have about 18 students going, and 6 or 7 sponsors! Once again Connie is doing a fabulous job at organizing FC and being a awesome camp director!! The count down has started!!! That's what going on in our neck of the woods!!!