Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Falls Creek 2010

Another fantastic week at Falls Creek ~ We had a wonderful bunch of students that were well behaved, excited to be there and very obedient to all the rules!!! We strive to not make Falls Creek all about the rules, but when our student abide by them it makes it so much easier for us sponsors. This year we were joined by another church in our community, and what a blessing it was to be one body of Christ and not two different denominations. God is good! All the time! Kaylee surrendered to Missions ~ starting at her school! Ashley committed to Christ that she would talk to her friends and really be that friend who loved Christ always and wherever she was! They both have upheld that promise and commentment and are excited about sharing with others..... :) This year I took Emily, and although that did pose some issues through the week, I was very pleased with the outcome. Emily did wonderful, sleeping all night and loved hanging out with the girls!!!!! I myself enjoyed having her there, it was just a challenge and difficult sometimes to not be able to do everything I was able to do in the past years!!! God really spoke to me about Faith, and how I have lacked it in the past few weeks, in the small things! Things are much better, and I'm still learning! Thank you God for meeting us there, but most of all for not leaving us when we leave Falls Creek! You are always with us to the end!

Ashley and some of her closest friends!

Kaylee and two of her best friends!

Me and the gang ~ we will be friends forever and always!

Emily ~ the newest member of the band!!!! :)

Our Youth group playing the newest sensations ~ NINJA ASSASSIN

Our speakers for the week ~ The Skit Guys!

The did a wonderful job, and really spoke to all of us!

Myself with a few of the other Sponsors! I'm sure we are talking serious stuff

Falls Creek is just not the same with out Kayla, although she didn't get to go as a sponsor she came up and visited us for an evening!!!!

Emily enjoying the high chair time ~ because it meant that yummy food that our cooks cooked for us!!!!

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Erica said...

I am glad that Falls Creek was such a blessing, I love camp very much and I am glad that your girls and you and David share such a passsion about it!! I am glad that emily got to go also!