Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Not to much longer.....

Well tomorrow is a big day in the Mueller home...... Its a day we have dreaded and looked forward to all at the same time. Emily has her first surgery for her lip tomorrow at 9 am. I have broken down a few time ~ well many times ~ thinking about how things are going to change. I know this change will bring sadness and happiness as well. So here is a few thoughts that I have had about this surgery ~
Not to much longer...... she will be taking the last normal bath for awhile, we cant get her lip wet.
Not to much longer....... I will be watching her suck her thumb with her tongue waving over it and being able to see it. I will miss this so much.
Not to much longer........ she will be able to eat so much more!
Not to much longer...... she will not clean her nose out herself ~ I know gross, this is the one thing we will not miss at all!
Not to much longer...... we will be driving to OKC!
Not to much longer....... we will be preparing her for surgery.
Not to much longer........ we will be waiting in the waiting room for the Dr. to come out and tell us everything went very well.
Not to much longer....... I will be comforting my baby!
Not to much longer....... we will be seeing her new smile ~ but at the same time be missing the old smile!
Not to much longer...... we will be loving Emily's new face, and her personality that matches it!
Not to much longer........ the surgery will be over and this well all be a distant memory! :)
We are prepared for what is to come tomorrow ~ but please join us in prayer as we continue through the next few hours and days to come! Pray for bonding, comfort, a low level of pain, patience from me and daddy, quick recovery, and for Emily to be willing to wear the arm braces she will be in to keep her from touching her lip. :( Please feel free to call or text me anytime! If I don't answer I will call/text you back asap!!!


Erica said...

Our baby girl is going to have a new look tomorrow... she will not be a new girl though.. I will miss her cute little face, but you are right this is what she needs! i am sending you prayers and i will be there tomorrow morning:) love ya

connie said...

We are praying for Emily ... And mommy and daddy!

b said...