Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our Sweet Emily did Great!!!! :)

Last night our precious Emily curled up in my arms and sucked her thumb ~ and today she is looking at me showing me her arms and saying Uh Oh........ Wanting me to take off the braces on her arms so she can suck her thumb today!!!! Surgery went extremely well, it took about 2 1/2 hours total, surgery and recovery. We then were sent to our room and and she is sleeping well but on and off. She is watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and zoning out every once in awhile. God is so good, he gave me unbelievable amount of peace this morning and I have done very well today! Thank you so much to all of you for your prayers, and those who came to the hospital!!! We love you all so much
Mommy and Emily right before the surgery!!!
Emily was in a great mood ~ & was acting like a monkey.
Right after surgery, and very much tired!
We are kinda ready to play, but it didn't last very long! She is still doing so good though
Kaylee reading Emily a book!!!

Cuddling with mommy!!! :)


Susan said...

Praying for Emily, that she continues to do well and heals quickly.

Andrea said...

I sat here and cried. I wish I lived closer to you.Where did my little baby go?? She looks like such a big girl! She is such a trooper and so are you. They did such a great job. It looks just wonderful!
Love you all!
Kiss that DADDY for me!


connie said...

Ya'll did great! Emily is beautiful, before and after!!!!

Tammy said...

Sooo thankful everything went great!!