Wednesday, August 11, 2010

6 Months Home ~ From Now to Then

Emily at 6 mths of age ~ Our Referral Picture

Emily at 14 mths of age ~ a few months before we went to get her

Our First Meeting ~ She was such a good baby!

Home for 2 months ~ Look at the difference

Home for 5 1/2 months ~ She is always this happy!!!

Our little monkey ~ Right before her lip surgery

Right after her lip surgery ~ look how beautiful she is!

Her new face is appearing right before our eyes :)
This picture was taken 2 days after surgery

And now Emily is back :) ~ This picture was taken 3 days after surgery

Tomorrow we go and see Dr Smith for a check up!! I am very excited about what is to come. She should be able to take her arm braces off and the stent in her nose will be removed as well.... I am not sure which one I am most excited about. She has done amazing with the arm braces and they don't bother her one bit. I do think she wakes up earlier and is taking shorter naps because she is uncomfortable, but she always puts her arm out after bath time to put them back on! She is such a trooper, I'm so proud of her! God is so good to answer prayer ~ this week has not been as hard as I expected, only because of His grace though! Even during my pitty party's last week before surgery He still granted me grace afterwards! We are so undeserving of his love, and yet He gives it and gives abundantly! Amen!


b said...

Beautiful daughter, April!! She will grow up to be as pretty on the inside as the outside!

Chelsey said...

So beautiful! Her lip looks great! God is so good!

Erica said...

That is my girl!! She looks great! I am so glad that she did so well:) She is precious!

Leona Krause said...

I am so amazed how Emily's surgery turned out SO well. She is beautiful. It is truly a miracle how they can repair cleft lips and palates. You and David are doing a wonderful job with your three lovely daughters. ☺