Sunday, June 27, 2010

My heart is broken ~

My heart is hurting so bad for my sweet Emily. We are a little confused because she is running a fever but we don't know whats wrong. We thought maybe she had Hand Foot and Mouth but there is no sores, we are also wondering if its Strep Throat, but we cant see her throat (that's an impossible task... lol). She scared me on Friday ~ she had a seizure while shopping in the city. After a ride in the ambulance to Children's OU, she was diagnosed with Fibril Seizures (which is a seizure that happens when your fever spikes suddenly). So scary to watch, and I felt helpless but had help from the store we were at immediately and the ambulance was quick. So with a spiking fever and an ongoing temp since Friday ~ we are very unsure what is happening. We cant get into our Dr's until Monday, but I'm thinking about taking her to Urgent Care today when they open.
My heart is hurting for Falls Creek as well ~ Our Youth group leaves tomorrow for Falls Creek and I'm unsure if I will be attending. I feel like I'm being tested, but I'm not sure why I'm being tested. I want to pass this trial, but I feel so sad, confused, heart broken for Emily, and upset that I could miss Falls Creek with my girls, Youth Group and great Sponsors!!! Please pray for Emily and myself ~ for an open mind and heart to what God has in store for us this week!!! Thank you to everyone who knew and have been praying.


connie said...

Praying here, my friend! You are an integral part of this ministry and as much as I desperately want you to go, I also know that God is in control and quite possibly has much to teach each of us. Of course we are praying that Emily's fever goes away!!!
Love you!

Erica said...

Oh my prayers from Guatemala! I hope my sweet girl gets better...I know how those seziures are and they r scary! Love ya and praying for amp also!